Training Program

“ Are you ready to start your new career, become a community

career or support worker today “

Our mission at future living care training academy is to provide purposeful employment opportunities for current health & social care workers or for people who are looking to begin a new career in the health & social care industry who believe in being caring, honest, reliable, trustworthy working towards being excellent in their role. We want to help you, help people stay as independent and safe in their own homes for as long as possible. We are passionate and committed to making a difference in people’s lives in our local community and residential setting promoting independence in a safe and happy environment providing high levels of quality care. We are committed to our mission and are excited about the possibility to help you make the mission a reality. We will offer fully-funded recognized qualifications and training in health & social care, certification is given on completion, career development at our Future Living Care Academy with the view to employment opportunities to those who have demonstrated professional conduct during their time at our academy.


Future Living Care Training Academy offers:

  • Health and Social Care L1 5 days
  • Safeguarding and Prevent L2 1 day
  • Essential Digital Skills L1 1 day
  • Math’s and English L1 and L2
  • Future Living Care Presentation half day

Health and Social Care L1 5 days

Understanding what really happens in the care sector and the range of different job opportunities available -Communication skills, Awareness of roles and responsibilities in Adult Social Care, Building effective relationships with work colleagues and understanding what really happens in the care sector and the range of different job opportunities.

Safeguarding and Prevent L2 1 day

A course designed by an award-winning team of experts to help increase your knowledge, understanding, and awareness of Preventing Duty and Safeguarding so that you’re able to act and respond in the right way when dealing with concerns. The course will help you to be able to recognise and reduce risk better.

Essential Digital Skills L1 1 day

This course is for learners who need to develop their digital skills in order that they can develop confidence to participate fully, in life and work, in the evolving digital landscape. It will encourage learners to think about how IT can be used in different ways as they are introduced to specific tools that will aid them in utilising IT in everyday life. They will consider the best software and tools for specific tasks and will do this with the view of improving their productivity and efficiency.

Math’s and English L1 and L2

Our Functional Skills offer features flexible assessments and extensive support, with a full range of Math’s and English up to a Level 2, can be delivered 1-1, small group sessions, virtually or face to face options. Candidates complete initial assessments prior to starting with us and we will assess what level they are working towards in both Math’s and English? we can help candidates to gain a City and Guilds L1 and / or Level 2 in both Math’s and English. We work in small groups and in a 1-1 setting, enabling candidates to feel comfortable and to go at a pace right for them.

Future Living Care Presentation half day

You will be given an insight in to the life of a carer / support worker at Future Living Care via a guest speaker and PowerPoint presentation, a real life success story of achieving their career goals, career pathway, development, gaining qualifications and promotions working up the ladder to a more senior roles with in the company.