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At Future Living Care we provide care and support to people who have suffered with an Acquired Brain Injury (we provide ABI) support and rehab workers to numerous UK Case Management Companies.

We work with Clients across a wide spectrum of needs and have extensive knowledge of the unique challenges facing ABI Clients during the rehab process and pride ourselves on being totally Client focused.

Our Manager, Team Leaders and support workers have in depth knowledge of the litigation process and its importance in Case the Management.

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Care homes in Liverpool | Future Living Care | Care Agencies Liverpool | Living care Liverpool | Care companies & nursing homes Liverpool
Care homes in Liverpool | Future Living Care | Care Agencies Liverpool | Living care Liverpool | Care companies & nursing homes Liverpool

Future Living Care provides a bespoke service to Case Management including:

  • Recruitment, training and supervision of temporary workers

  • Introductions and interviews for and with Clients

  • Meet and greets with Clients, families and workers

  • Risk Assessments

  • Support Plans

  • Daily and weekly planners

  • Diary sheets/ daily therapy record sheets

  • Financial management

  • Spot checks

  • 24/7 on-call service

  • Management of rotas and covering emergency shifts

  • Permanent Recruitment using Safer is Recruitment Policy

  • Supported Holidays

We also offer the above full service to Solicitors and families post settlement where the need for Case Management is reduced or suddenly no longer required but continuity of structure and routine is important.

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Future Living Care works in partnership with Empower Case Management who is the UK’s most trusted provider of case management solutions for individuals with complex healthcare needs.

They provide a comprehensive package of care for individuals with complex physical and neurological healthcare needs, to enable them to reach their full potential following a serious accident or medical injury.

Patient-centric care is a priority. Their team of clinicians are passionate about delivering the best quality care in an inclusive and Welcoming environment.

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Care homes in Liverpool | Future Living Care | Care Agencies Liverpool | Living care Liverpool | Care companies & nursing homes Liverpool

Policies & Procedures

The company and all its members are subject to a thorough and extensive code of practice collated by Human Resources with input from experienced industry managers.

The manual covers all features of operational tasks including finance, health and safety, medication, whistleblowing, recruitment, disciplinary procedures, employee leave entitlement including but not limited to sickness, holidays and maternity, abuse and discrimination, visitors and security, confidentiality, record-keeping and emergency contingency planning.

Quality Assurance & Auditing

All services are subject to regular internal checks and external inspections by regulatory bodies such as The Care Quality Commission (CQC) and specific Health and Safety governing bodies.

Audits are completed to ensure services are running in line with National Minimum Standards, the Essential Standards of Quality and safety and that all of CQC’s points of compliance have been achieved.

Each property is assessed on all the different aspects of care provided with strong emphasis on Safeguarding, Choice, Finances, Medication, Cleanliness and Safety of the environment, and support offered to staff members. If high standards are maintained in all areas, then the company is providing the high quality of cares expected throughout the industry.

Future Living Care ethos is not to simply meet these standards but surpass them. Every staff member is encouraged to obtain excellent knowledge of auditing bodies and processes and continually promote the high standards that the company endeavours to offer.

Risk Assessments

All activities that take place within the company are thoroughly risk assessed to ensure they are completed in the safest way possible and in line with relevant legislation.

Tasks assessed include health and safety procedures, general household upkeep, security, hygiene, trip hazards and person-centred pastimes and care needs.

Policies and procedures are created in line with all relevant legislation to ensure working practices adhere to these and that all tasks are completed to a high quality across the board.

Management ensures that these policies and procedures are applied in a person-centred way that suits the needs and preferences of each service user.

Other vital documents that dictate the working practice of employees are the service users’ individual plan of support which acts as a guide for staff on how to provide care to each particular person.

Risk assessments specific to individual service users are created in line with their individual support guidelines to ensure every person is involved with the management and reduction of potential risks in their lifestyle.

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